A look at the beverage that tastes like the lovechild of dirt, black pepper, and Novocaine.

Photo: Arnie Papp/Foter.com

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, and any conclusions drawn herein regarding the safety and efficacy of this substance should be understood only as the research-backed opinion of an amateur journalist. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking or consuming any drug or supplement, herbal or synthetic.

Earthy, peppery, and mouth numbing- Kava is the unofficial national beverage of Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, and number of other islands littered across the South Pacific Ocean.

Brewed from powdered roots of the Piper Methysticum plant, the drink has been consumed both casually and ceremonially as a sedative and anxiolytic (anxiety-reliever)…

Make a mistake in this realm and you might just find yourself advertising nudist passenger flights to Latin America.

Photo: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

Stories of international advertising mishaps are among the favorites of marketing lecturers everywhere, and with good reason.

They’re usually pretty comical, and one would imagine that they wake up a snoozing section of “Intro to International Business” better than awkward ice breakers about everyone’s names and majors.

However, during my dive into this topic, I found that many of these alleged flops circulated by business blogs were embellished to the point of untruth, or that they were just tall tales from the get-go that had gained cultural traction.

But, there is at least one real instance of it happening, and…

Here’s acquirable skills that could aid you in becoming a musical master, anyway.

Photo: photography_franconia on Pixabay

While it’s not everyone’s day one dream, being a human tuning fork is a surprisingly sought after skill.

You may have heard of it through whispers in the middle school band room, or perhaps you were a big fan of Julie Andrews and do-re-mi’s.

And if you’ve yet to be acquainted, then allow me to provide you an introduction to one of music’s most romanticized topics.

What Exactly is Perfect Pitch?

No, not the one with Anna Kendrick and the cups.

The auditory processing phenomenon known as perfect pitch (PP) (also called absolute pitch or AP) allows for the accurate…

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